Welcome to Special Educational Needs(SEN) Parenting

Every family is unique and so is every child.

We provide training and support for Parents/carers of children and young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other special needs from:

Early Years

School Years


To Adult Life

Who We Are

SEN Parenting is a charitable organisation, registered with the Charity Commission in England. Our aim is to support special needs parents/carers to understand their child’s unique needs and learn ways to help them develop for a brighter future.

We provide Training sessions to set up special needs systems at home. This bridges the GAP between SCHOOL and HOME. We are a Widgit training centre, supporting families to design their personalised systems using Widgit online.

What We Do


We offer training Sessions for parents to understand their child’s diagnosis and set up a special needs environment at Home


We organise regular workshops for parents to have hands on experience and meet professionals for support.

Work with Schools

To support families of SEN pupils to bridge the GAP between school and home.

Coffee Mornings

Sharing information, ideas, provide support, a space to talk and relax with other families.

Wellbeing sessions

De-stressing, relaxation and wellbeing sessions for parents/ carers

Other organisations

Work with other organisation to support families


Your training sessions helped me to understand my child’s autism with your simple English and practical experiences. I can now understand reports from professionals and have more confidence engaging with school. Thanks so much.


The Home training sessions, has been a life saver. My son now has a structured system at home which has reduced a lot of his behaviours and the whole family learnt a lot. We are so grateful.

Family of SEN Child

I always enjoy attending SEN PARENTING workshops and wellbeing sessions. It is the only place I feel relaxed and able to share ideas with other parents who understand me and are facing similar challenges like us. I feel energised after each session and will always look forward to the next session.

Single SEN Parent